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Friday, Oct. 13th (Entire Show)

Friday, Oct. 13th (Entire Show in Video)(35.56 min.)

AT&T is a perfect example of why you should not buy stocks for their dividend yield. (4.29 min.)

Why I don’t like the banking sector right now.(2.02 min.)

There are two F’s, two A’s, and two N’s in FANG. FFAANG is on the move!(6.53 min.)

Last chance to sign up for Seattle.(4.38 min.)


Thursday, Oct. 12th (Entire Show)

Thursday, Oct. 12th (Entire Show in Video)(35.54 min.)

Time to Buy the Banks?(3.59 min.)

What I think about options.(3.43 min.)

How many times have I talked about TSM on my show? OK here we go again.(3.42 min.)

Why I own BIDU.(4.33 min.)


Wednesday, Oct. 11th (Entire Show)

Wednesday, Oct. 11th (Entire Show in Video)(38.14 min.)

Hyperbole, Dispersion in Valuation, Idiosyncratic, Hedge fund Beta? What is Morgan Stanley trying to say?(2.55 min.)

Will the McVegan Burger Boost McDonalds Earnings?(2.26 min.)

NVDA continues to immerse themselves into the Automobile Technology race(6.01 min.).

The Lighting Round-5 Best Stocks Now.(5.47 min.)


Tuesday, Oct. 10th (Entire Show)

Tuesday, Oct. 10th (Entire Show in Video) (38.10 min.)

What do you do know about Waymo?(4.14 min.)

Ford needs an autonomous driving partner. Who will it be?(5.24 min.)

GM and Lidar. What is this all about?(1.30 min.)

A self driving hotel room? What??????(2.10 min.)


Monday, Oct. 9th (Entire Show)

Monday, Oct. 9th (Entire Show in Video) (37.54 min.)


Thursday, Oct. 5th (Entire Show)

Thursday, Oct. 5th (Entire Show in Video)(38.01 min.)

Senate Panel Approves Self-Driving Car Bill. (3.01 min.)

Andrew Left attacks SHOP. This is his ninth short call this year. How has he done?(4.45 min.)

The best “Sin” stock?(3.39 min.)

Big news on Electric Car Charging Stations.(6.27 min.)


Wednesday, Oct. 4th (Entire Show)

Wednesday, Oct. 4th (Entire Show in Video) (38.19 min.)

Just Like Bob Dylan-Ford (F) is going electric. (5.07 min.)

Amicus (FOLD) is having a good day. It is in the speculative portfolio in my newsletter.(1.26 min.)

The Argentinean market is up 58% so far this year. This is my favorite Argentinean stock.(3.28 min.)

Our workshop tour is headed for Bellevue, Tacoma, Phoenix, & Dallas, before the end of the year. We start all over again in 2018 in Sarasota.(5.56 min.)


Tuesday, Oct. 3rd (Entire Show)

Tuesday, Oct. 3rd (Entire Show in Video)(38.14 min.)

What woke up the stock of General (GM) all of a sudden?(4.09 min.)

What will Ford (F) announce at today’s investor meeting? Let me guess: Electric and Autonomous Cars. (2.56 min.)

My favorite Electric Car Play. No, it is not Tesla.(3.28 min.)

My newsletter this weekend will be installment #3 if :Re-inventing the Wheel”. min.)


Monday, Oct. 2nd (Entire Show)

Monday, Oct. 2nd (Entire Show in Video)(37.49 min.)

How many electric cars will be on the road by 2030? How many will be driven autonomously?(3.32 min.)

There are many great stocks outside of the U.S. Foreign markets are outperforming U.S. markets by a wide margin in 2017.(6.20 min.).

The Best Stocks Now App now has Stocks from all over the world.(9.01 min.)

The stock market continues to hit new highs, and you want to be in an asset allocation?(3.05 min.)


Friday, Sept. 29th (Entire Show)

Friday, Sept. 29th (Entire Show in Video)(35.42 min.)

When to buy the option instead of the stock.(4.20 min.)

More breaking news in the Automobile Technology Sector.(3.09 min.)

This week’s newsletter will feature my favorite stocks under $5.00. (3.25 min.)

Enter to win a free Gunderson Fishing Team shirt.(2.54 min.)


Thursday, Sept. 28th (Entire Show)

Thursday, Sept. 28th (Entire Show in Video)(38.06 min.)

Would a tax cut really be paid by economic growth? Small Cap stocks exploding to the upside on Wednesday.(6.09 min.)

More players getting in on the Automobile Technology revolution daily.(3.13 min.)

My favorite cheap stock continues to sizzle. (2.59 min.)

Narrowing down the playing field in the stock market. (7.20 min.)


Wednesday, Sept. 27th (Entire Show)

Wednesday, Sept 27th (Entire Show in Video)(38.05 min.)

Now California wants to ban the combustion engine.(2.30 min.)

Now Dyson is in on the Electric Car Race.(3.33 min.)

My second favorite stock within the Lithium Index. (3.26 min.)

Will Tesla ever be profitable?(2.40 min.)


Tuesday, Sept. 26th (Entire Show)

Tuesday, Sept. 26th (Entire Show in Video)(37.31 min.)

Will Baidu become the Chinese Netflix?(1.24 min.)

Come have dinner with me in Bellevue and Tacoma.(4.10 min.)

My favorite stock within the Lithium Index.(3.25 min.)

Here are some of the best players within the lithium index.(4.28 min.)


Monday, Sept. 25th (Entire Show)

Monday, Sept. 25th (Entire Show in Video)(37.44 min.)

What is up with GM and what is wrong with Apple?(3.55 min.)

Is Tesla heading for China?(1.53 min.)

The Lithium Index. Boom or Bust?(9.58 min.)

How has the Lithium Index done since its inception in 2010?(6.03 min.)


Friday, Sept. 22nd (Entire Show)

Friday, Sept. 22nd (Entire Show in Video)(37.48 min.)

Eurozone Blazes Hot. (1.09 min.)

The electric car revolution continues. (5.35 min.)

Tesla X drive review. (6.14 min.)

See Bill live in Seattle and win a fishing trip. (3.04 min.)


Thursday, Sept. 21st (Entire Show)

Thursday, Sept. 21st (Entire Show in Video)(38.05 min.)

Are you prepared for the next financial crisis?(4.23 min.)

All Electric Car Sales in India by 2030? That is 1.2 billion people. (5.28 min.)

Another new player emerges in the Electric Car Race.(6.43 min.)

Do you still want to be a passive investor in an active world like this?(3.27 min.)


Wednesday, Sept 20th (Entire Show)

Wednesday, Sept. 20th (Entire Show in Video)(38.00 min.)

More Major News on the Electric Car Front.(4.34 min.)

More Bricks and Mortar vs. iCommerce Stocks. Which one do you choose?(3.42 min.)

The Players in the Lithium Industry. (6.18 min.)

My weekly newsletter will be covering the coming auto revolution over the next several weeks. I call it “re-inventing the wheel”.(3.22 min.)


Tuesday, Sept. 19th (Entire Show)

Tuesday, Sept 19th (Entire Show in Video)(38.11 min)

Bond Investors Better Keep Their Eye On The German Bund. Here is Why…(2.47 min.)

More Players In The Electric Car Revolution. Reinventing the Wheel. (7.01 min.)

The Best Asset Classes Now, and a New Player in Artificial Intelligence.(4.07 min.)

Reserve Your Seat now For Our Seattle Seminal.(6.20 min.)


Monday, Sept. 18th (Entire Show)

Monday, Sept. 18th (Entire Show in Video)(38.01 min.)

Gee Whiz! How in the world can Jim Cramer own GE?(2.36 min.)

500 more international stocks coming to the Best Stocks Now App this week(2.10 min.).

Computer Vision and Robotics. Good courses to study in college.(7.51 min.)

One of the best growth sectors today!(7.22 min.)


Friday, Sept. 15th (Entire Show)

Friday, Sept. 15th (Entire Show in Video)(38.05 min.)

While Bitcoin investors are getting nervous, the market seems to be shrugging off N. Korea missiles and Terror incidents.(2.06 min.)

My Boeing Calls are flying! BA has the best eps report during this last earnings season. (1.37 min.)

This Sector was involved in the computer, internet, and smart phone revolution. It will also be a major player in the next revolution.(6.29 min.)

My methodology of “risk management”.(3.26 min.)


Thursday, Sept. 14th (Entire Show)

Thursday, Sept. 14th (Entire Show in Video)(37.56 min.)

It’s official the Ameritrade/Scottrade deal will close on September 30.(1.26 min.)

Uber’s self-driving cars have now logged 1 million miles. Is this the next big thing?(1.58 min.)

This burgeoning industry is “Screaming”. What industry is it?(2.32 min.)

Minneapolis Workshop Tonight.(3.03 min.)


Wednesday, Sept. 13th (Entire Show)

Wednesday, Sept. 13th (Entire Show in Video)(38.03 min.)

My take on Apple’s new iPhone. (3.47 min.)

$2-Trillion since the election. (1.14 min.)

Computer, Smartphones, what’s the next big thing?(4.56 min.)

These stocks are major players in the lithium sector. (4.05 min.)


Tuesday, Sept 12th (Entire Show)


Wednesday, Sept. 6th (Entire Show)

Wednesday, Sept. 6th (Entire Show in Video)(38.10 min.)

Here is why the market was down 234 points on Tuesday.(7.36 min.)

A top Best Stocks Now gold stock on the move. (3.42 min.)

One of my favorite European Stocks Now.(3.17 min.)

One of my Hurricane Plays is taking off today.(6.12 min.)


Tuesday, Sept. 5th (Entire Show)

Tuesday, Sept. 5th (Entire Show in Video)(37.52 min.)

Oil rising as refineries come back on line.(.51 min.)

Lithium Stocks on Fire. Why?(1.30 min.)

Here are several stocks that may benefit from hurricane Harvey.(3.20 min.)

The best asset classes in the market now.(2.42 min.)


Thursday, Aug. 31st (Entire Show)

Thursday, Aug. 31st (Entire Show in Video)(38.11 min.)

Was 3% GDP a fluke or the new normal? What would a corp. tax cut do for GDP?(3.26 min.)

The NASDAQ takes off again. Why?(4.11 min.)

One of the Best Stocks in the Market Today?(3.24 min.)

And you still want to keep your account at Wells Fargo?(2.21 min.)


Wednesday, Aug. 30th (Entire Show)

Wednesday, Aug. 30th (Entire Show in Video)(38.04 min.)

Will Tax cuts boost the market even higher?(2.47 min.)

Tim Cook’s reward for beating the S&P 500.(1.10 min.)

Some possible beneficiaries of Hurricane Harvey.(7.12 min.)

A stock that could benefit from the Huston cleanup. (3.26 min.)


Tuesday, Aug. 29th (Entire Show)

Tuesday, Aug. 29th (Entire Show in Video)(37.46 min.)

What impact with Hurricane Harvey have on the economy and the stock market?(3.29 min.)

Gold is finally breaking out through the $1,300. My current gold stock favorite.(2.41 min.)

A recent buy in my Ultra Growth Portfolio. (3.25 min.)

These global markets are outperforming U.S. markets by a wide margin. (4.34 min.)


Monday, Aug. 28th (Entire Show)

Monday, Aug. 28th (Entire Show in Video)(37.57 min.)

I missed KITE despite all of the unusual activity in my Best Stocks Now App. (3.52 min.)

Investing outside U.S. borders makes a lot of sense right now. (3.23 min.)

The market has not been the same since Amazon’s July 27th EPS report. (10.05 min.)

Still my favorite “FAANG” stock.(6.29 min.)


Friday Aug. 25th (Entire Show in Video)(37.40 min.)

Hawks vs. the Dove in Jackson Hole. (3.17 min.)

Ulta Beauty or Beast.(1.43 min.)

How is Chrysler Fiat doing? (5.04 min.)

Enter to win a free pair of Padres-Twins tickets. (1.38 min.)


Thursday, Aug. 24th (Entire Show)

Thursday, Aug. 24th (Entire Show in Video)(37.56 min.)

Jim Cramer agrees with me on Amazon. Sell. (4.38 min.)

Why would anyone own Hewlett Packard or General Electric? (5.00 min.)

These are the stock charts that are making my eyeballs pop out. (8.00 min.)

Buy the “baby” Amazon?(3.33 min.)


Wednesday, Aug. 23rd (Entire Show)

Wednesday, Aug. 23rd (Entire Show in Video)(38.05 min.)

Buy the VXX before a Trump Rally?(6.29 min.)

The Problem with Fishing memories in the Market.(1.57 min.)

This is still one of my favorite stocks.(3.22 min.)

Live-Trading with Bill Gunderson.(4.47 min.)


Tuesday, Aug. 22nd (Entire Show)

Tuesday, Aug. 22nd (Entire Show in Video)(38.05 min.)

My Methodology for Buying Stocks. (6.29 min.)

My Methodology for Selling Stocks. (1.57 min.)

A Nice Mid-Cap with both momentum and value.(3.22 min.)

What is the right amount of diversification? (4.47 min.)


Monday, Aug. 21st (Entire Show)

Monday, Aug. 21st (Entire Show in Video)(38.03 min.)

Will You be a Buyer of the Uber IPO?(1.15 min.)

How are those Tesla Bonds Turning Out? (7.24 min.)

The Market Badly Needs a Heavy Dose of Fiscal Policy. Can Trump Get it Done?(7.54 min.)

U.S. Small-Caps are Now Negative for the Year. This is a Red Flag.(3.26 min.)


Friday, Aug. 18th (Entire Show)

Friday, Aug. 18th (Entire Show in Video)(38.08 min.)

What was the main reason behind Thursday’s 274 point drop?(6.21 min.)

A couple of Best Stocks Now Reported great earnings this week.(2.42 min.)

Three major players on one of the fastest growing segments of our economy. You will never guess what it is.(4.29 min.)

Want 2 tickets to the Padres/Twins game in Minnesota?(4.29 min)


Thursday, Aug. 17th (Entire Show)

Thursday, Aug. 17th (Entire Show in Video)(38.00 min.)

Trump is hurting the market. (2.41 min.))

Do you own Best Stocks Now like BABA or Best Stocks Then like WMT?(5.34 min.)

Why would anyone own Cisco today?(3.26 min.)

Is L Brands doomed?(3.26 min.)


Wednesday, Aug 16th (Entire Show)

Wednesday, Aug. 16th (Entire Show in Video)(37.49 min.)

Is the Market Expensive Here? (2.39 min.)

There is still not a Tech Bubble.(2.49 min.)

Priceline, one of the great stocks of the decade, recently pulled back again. Here is what I did.(3.27 min.)

The Best Stocks Now are definitely not limited to the U.S. Here are some examples. (4.08 min.)


Tuesday, Aug. 15th (Entire Show)

Tuesday, Aug. 15th (Entire Show in Video)(37.55)

North Korea Backs Off. Imagine that! The market likes it.(5.27)

The Energy and Bricks and Mortar stocks still look awful. Avoid at all cost.(3.25)

The Amazon of China.(3.20)

My Thoughts on Annuities. (6.20)


Monday, Aug. 14th (Entire Show)

Monday, Aug. 14th (Entire Show in Video)(37.13 min.)

Tesla Junk Bonds Sale is indicative of the Insanity in the Bond Market. (2.05 min.)

Is “Selling Everything” a Good Form of Risk Management?7.36 min.)

Here are Several “Risk Mgt.” Tools that I Deployed Last Week.(10.09 min.)

Is the Eight Year-Plus Bull Market Over?(3.26 min.)


Friday, Aug. 11th (Entire Show)

Friday, Aug. 11th (Entire Show in Video)(38.19)

What calmed this market down all of a sudden?(4.15)

How to pick on and possibly profit from Bad companies.(6.13)

The Most Logical Hedge Right Now?(5.03)

See us live in Minnesota!(4.45)


Thursday, Aug. 10th (Entire Show)

Thursday, Aug. 10th (Entire Show in Video)(37.30 min.)

Sell Everything because of North Korea?(7.42 min.)

Why I am glad that I sold my Amazon. (3.28 min.)

Bonds may look good during this geopolitical crisis, but they still look awful to me over the next 3-5 years. (3.16 min.)

Buy Gold Now?(3.15 min.)


Wednesday, Aug. 9th (Entire Show)

Wednesday, Aug. 9th (Entire Show in Video)(37.47)

Should we listen to Peter Shiff this time?(3.54)

Time to Sell Priceline?(3.33)

Buy Disney on the Pullback? (3.28)

Time to Sell Netflix?(3.20)


Tuesday, Aug. 8th (Entire Show)

Tuesday, Aug. 8th (Entire Show in Video) (37.50 min.)

The Best Stocks Now App Helped Me Find This Big Biotech Winner. (2.50 min.)

Trump has been good for the defense stocks. (2.21 min.)

Would you buy a Tesla Bond? (4.41 min.)

The Best Asset Class To Be Invested in now. (4.21 min.)


Monday, Aug. 7th (Entire Show)

Monday, Aug. 7th (Entire Show in Video) (37.56 min.)

A few joint ventures between Chinese and American companies to take note of. (3.16 min.)

Here is what a few CEO’s of S&P 500 companies are saying that would get this economy growing at a faster clip. (5.33 min.)

While CNN is talking about “Russia, Russia, Russia,” here is what many CEO’s from a wide variety of industries are saying about the Trump administration. (4.52 min.)

Another double-digit quarter of EPS growth? Can it continue? (4.47 min.)


Friday, Aug. 4th (Entire Show)

Trump’s economic policies seem to be working but…

Is Greenspan Right Again?

Join us in Minneapolis in September. Twins game Wed. night, and seminar on Thursday.

Is it better to buy “expensive stocks” or “cheap stocks”?


Thursday, Aug. 3rd (Entire Show)

Fox Biz Channel: AVOID BONDS-I Agree.

Marriot Vacations, Regeneron, Aetna, and Teledoc.

Why I Dumped Amazon.

When to Sell a Stock.


Wednesday, Aug. 2nd (Entire Show)

My Target Price for the Dow at the beginning of the year was 22,000. How did I do?

Dump Amazon Now?

My projections for bond market returns over the next 3-5 years.

I continue to like a portfolio of dividend paying stocks like this as opposed to bonds for income and growth.


Tuesday, Aug. 1st (Entire Show)

Can we believe the GOP any more on their “aggressive tax reform schedule”? The market and the economy badly need it.

One of the mid-cap stocks in my Ultra Growth Portfolio is breaking out to new all-time highs. Here is why…

The bond market looks terrible to me. I have a portfolio of dividend paying stocks like this instead.

If you are not happy with a traditional asset allocation portfolio, watch this.




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