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Monday, June 12th (Entire Show)

I sent out 11,000 newsletters on Saturday. Did you get yours? If not sign up here:

How much have GE shareholders made over the last ten years?  How much has Jeffrey Immelt made over the last ten years?

How does today’s NASDAQ (QQQ) compare with the Year 2000 NASDAQ?

If I sell my tech stocks, what sector should I rotate to?


Friday, June 9th (Entire Show)

Is Trump in big trouble?  The market (SPY) reaction is the best gauge.  Not Fox or CNN.

Another foreign stock that is turning into a monster like (BABA).

Year to date update on my two growth portfolios.

Here is how you can get my weekly free market newsletter.


Thursday, June 8th (Entire Show)

Will Comey sink the markets?

One of my largest holdings is exploding higher today.

Is (BABA) still a Best Stock Now?

If you want to meet with me in Atlanta and Sarasota in July, spots are filling up fast.


Wednesday, June 7th (Entire Show)

Will the market get through the Comey Hearing?

Can you believe that this old-time industrial Stock is now becoming a Tech Stock?

A financial stock that is becoming a financial stock.

One of the great IPO”s of all time is still a Best Stock Now.


Tuesday, June 6th (Entire Show)

Is (AVGO) in line to get Toshiba’s prized chip business?

3 stocks that stand to benefit from recent big announcements.

My current ranking of the Asset Classes and my current asset allocation.

The Best and Worst Sectors in the Market Now.


Monday, June 5th (Entire Show)

GOOGL Joins AMZN as a member of the $1,000 per share club. Can these stocks go higher?

Will the upcoming COMEY testimony set off another big sell off in SPY this week?

Is there a hotter stock in the market than AVGO?  I called it my favorite stock back in January.  Is it still my favorite stock?

Can a value case still be made for the red-hot Broadcom AVGO?


Friday, June 2nd (Entire Show)

Can the current economy support a higher stock market?

My favorite stock reported blow out earnings yesterday.

The Best Stocks Now Road Show coming to a town near you.

Where are you on the risk scale of investing?


Thursday, June 1st (Entire Show)

Two outrageous claims made on the Fox business Channel.

This dividend payer is up 48% over the last 12 months.  I think it goes higher.

How much are you really paying your money manager?

One of my favorite stocks in the market right now.


Wednesday, May 31st (Entire Show)

On a scale of 1-10, where does climate change rank on your “worry list”?

From a single root beer stand to global hotel chain.  I consider it a Best Stock Now.

The 8 year plus Bull Market will end when this happens…

My current S&P 500 forecast.


Tuesday, May 30th (Entire Show)

Here is why I continue to avoid the energy stocks.

Here is why I continue to avoid the Auto Sector, despite some hefty dividend yields.

My portfolios are doing very well so far in 2017.  Here is how you can see what I currently own.

The hottest markets in the world right now.


Friday, May 26th (Entire Show)

I hope that you did not panic and sell last Wednesday.

A few bricks and mortar retailers are thriving despite AMZN.

Buy AT&T (T) for the 5.1% div. yield?

Here is how you can open an account with us.


Thursday, May 25th (Entire Show)

The scenario that led to the 372 point drop in the market last Wednesday has been turned upside down.

Why the market continues to hit new highs.

Here is why I bought (BBY) five weeks ago.

Is (CSX) headed for a train wreck?


Wednesday, May 24th (Entire Show)

What would happen if the FED started unloading their massive bond holdings?

I should have never sold my NVDA.

Would you rather invest in the bonds of this blue-chip stock or own the shares?

Another big, blue-chip dividend payer that seems to be in a sweet spot right now.


Tuesday, May 23rd (Entire Show)

I have a free Best Stocks Now book for anyone suggesting to me a good spot to hold a workshop in Seattle.

The Eurozone stays hot.  A few ways to play it.

Did the fat lady sing last Wednesday or is she getting fatter?

Here is my analysis of what took place in the market last Wednesday.


Monday, May 22nd (Entire Show)

Once again, I talked investors down off the ledge.

How will the media spin the $350 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia? I still like (LMT).

Did the fat lady sing last Wednesday or is she getting fatter?

Why do most do-it yourself-investors perform so poorly?


Friday, May 19th (Entire Show)

The BEST day in the market are almost always clustered around the worst day.  You just cannot miss these “BEST” days.

Still my Favorite Cheap Stock.

Two very important factors that investors and traders need to have a handle on.

Would Bill buy Foot Locker?


Thursday, May 18th (Entire Show)

My observation of the Wednesday Sell Off.

Has the Market lost more than just its Momentum?

Is the Trump Agenda Dead?

One of the stocks that really impressed me during the sell off on Wednesday.


Wednesday, May 17th (Entire Show)

Full Court Press Against the Trump Agenda.  Will this derail the 8 year plus bull?

Gunderson Capital is coming to Sarasota.

Now what is AMZN up to?

My best current long idea and short idea.


Tuesday, May 16th (Entire Show)

This is why I continue to have zero exposure to the energy sector.

Amazon was $1.50 per share 20 years ago.  Is it still a buy?

Would you rather own a U.S. Treasury with a coupon of 2.3% or a stock like Home Depot with a yield of 2.3%?

Why it might make sense to hire a professional money manager.


Monday, May 15th (Entire Show)

Here is why the market is off to a very good start this week.

A quick update on my two growth portfolios.

Earnings season is over.  How did it go?

How to be a contrarian investor in today’s market.


Friday, May 12th (Entire Show)

2 Interesting stocks.

How to receive Bill Gunderson’s live trades.

Retail a sore spot in the market.

Check out the newsletter.


Thursday, May 11th (Entire Show)

Inflation heating up?  What does this mean for the bond market?

The best play on the collapse of bricks and mortar.

Answers to FAQ’s on my daily national radio show.

Passive investing will get a mighty test at some point in the near future.


Wednesday, May 10th (Entire Show)

A nice earnings beat by one of my favorite stocks.

The stock of the decade is pulling back today.  Buy it?

A portfolio needs constant maintenance.

Are you too passive with your portfolio?  Maybe you need to be a little more active.


Tuesday, May 9th (Entire Show)

Here is how to play the 24 year low in the VIX.

Another big pop and new high for my favorite ETF.

Cherry Picking the S&P 500 index produced this gem.

What are the potential returns for bonds going forward?


Monday, May 8th (Entire Show)

Why my current asset allocation is bond and energy sector free.

What is Facebook up to now?  I continue to own it.

Here is how you can see the 25 stocks that I currently own in my Ultra Growth.

In a sea of passivity, there are still some “active money managers” like myself around.


Friday, May 5th (Entire Show)

Owning the best aggressive growth stocks now.

One of the best aggressive growth stocks in the entire market.

We have nailed some winners lately.

Why I continue to hate bonds.


Wednesday, May 3rd (Entire Show)

Why I don’t own Apple.

4X Leveraged ETFs may come in handy at some point in the future.

A 5G Highway coming from this (IMO) Best Stock Now.

One of the great stocks in the market is still trading at a discount to it’s growth.


Tuesday, May 2nd (Entire Show)

New iPhone to feature wireless charging from this chip company.

A new WEARABLE technology ETF (Interview)

One of my favorite mid-cap stocks.

Active management vs. passive management.


Monday, May 1st (Entire Show)

I have had a BUY SIGNAL on the market since March of 2009.  This will change my outlook, however.

Here is what the market can worry about this week.

Here is how this earnings season is going so far.

My current asset allocation.


Friday, Apr. 28th (Entire Show)

Big winners today!

How have Bill’s portfolios done this week?

Don’t buy stocks like Rob.

Coming soon, the new “Ask Bill” segment.


Thursday, Apr. 27th (Entire Show)

It looks like Fiscal Stimulus is finally on the way.

Does Fiscal Stimulus favor bonds or stocks?

Another way to play Amazon.

One of the Smartphone stocks.


Wednesday, Apr. 26th (Entire Show)

New CEO buying shares of his high flying railroad stock.

Why I don’t own Costco (COST).

Is Chipotle a Best Stock Now again?

I am circling several potential new buys right now.


Tuesday, Apr. 25th (Entire Show)

Two weeks ago my newsletter said: BUY THIS PULBACK!  I had a BUY SIGNAL on the market since March 27, 2009.  Are you getting my weekly newsletter?

GOOGL breaking out.  Is it a Best Stock Now?

I don’t like index investing.  Here is why.

My current asset allocation.


Monday, Apr. 24th (Entire Show)

Gunderson was right about the market once again.

Asset Allocation portfolios are everywhere.  Are they going nowhere in a hurry?

Why own the “Duds of the Dow”?

Generally speaking, where there is no earnings growth, there is no capital appreciation.


Friday, Apr. 21st (Entire Show)

My favorite ETF now.

One of my favorite Large-Cap stocks now.

Get a second opinion on your investments.

Get to know Lisa.


Thursday, Apr. 20th (Entire Show)

The market changed when the healthcare reform bill failed.  Here is how to adjust.

The stars seem to be lining up on this well-known stock.

One of my favorite Large Cap Stock.

Dive into this Best Stock Now?


Wednesday, Apr. 19th (Entire Show)

Buy the stock pullback and sell the bond rally?

You can own the Best Stocks Now or stocks like IBM.

A tale of two S&P 500 stocks.  One great the other one a dud.

LRCX and AMAT, two Best Stocks Now.


Tuesday, Apr. 18th (Entire Show)

Goldman Sachs and a delay in tax reform hurting the market.

What’s going on in Building 8 at Facebook?

My current EPS estimate and Price Target for the S&P 500.

Some of my favorite stocks now.


Monday, Apr. 17th (Entire Show)



What is causing this sudden flight to safety in the market?

What should investors do with this recent pullback in the market?


Friday, Apr. 14th (Entire Show)


Thursday, Apr. 13th (Entire Show)

You need to buy this pullback in the market.

The Banking and Financial sectors have lost their sizzle.

One of the Best Stocks in the world?

Cherry Picking the S&P 500 for a gem like this one.


Wednesday, Apr. 12th (Entire Show)

With monetary policy now going against it, the U.S. economy is in desperate need of a good show of fiscal policy.

Would you rather own a U.S. Treasury Bond with a coupon of 2.3% or a blue-chip stock like the one with a 2.4% dividend yield?

Cherry picking the S&P 500 index produces a fat, plump cherry like this one.

Do you still have 401-k’s with former employers?  Here is why you should roll them over.


Tuesday, Apr. 11th (Entire Show)

Why are the markets continuing to consolidate recently?

The emerging markets continue to emerge.  This is one of my favorite “aggressive” China stocks.

One of my favorite stocks I the world right now.

This is still the best asset class to be invested in right now.


Monday, Apr. 10th (Entire Show)

A lot Gunderson “Best Stocks Now” on GS list of 21 stocks with rising margins.

Like sausage, the S&P 500 is full of filler, fat and gristle.  Does it not make sense to “cherry-pick” the index?  Here is my top 50 right now.

Some current “cherry bombs” within the S&P 500 index.

A few more current “cherries” within the S&P 500 index.


Friday, Apr. 7th (Entire Show)

Turmoil in the world has not affected the market.

Bill will reveal his top 5 S&P 500 stocks for 2017.

Are you in bonds?

Want to fish with Bill?


Thursday, Apr. 6th (Entire Show)

Will a Shrinking Fed Balance Sheet end the 8 year bull?

Trump’s meeting with Xi could have big ramifications for the market.

Are we in a Tech Stock Bubble?  Let’s take a look at Facebook (FB).

A Best Stock Now “Trophy Winner”.


Wednesday, Apr. 5th (Entire Show)

Blowout Jobs Numbers Again!  How are they impacting your portfolio?

What characteristics did Panera Bread possess when I featured it in my book?  What stocks today possess those same characteristics?

A current example of what I consider a Best Stock Now.

Could this stock turn into a monster?


Tuesday, Apr. 4th (Entire Show)

Panera Bread (PNRA) was one of the 53 stocks that I featured in my book “Best Stocks Now”.  How has it done since I wrote the book?

Two very promising biotech stocks.

Bill Gunderson’s weekly technical and valuation analysis of the markets.

My current asset allocation.


Monday, Apr. 3rd (Entire Show)

Trump goes golfing with Rand.  Will we get a new healthcare bill this week?

The Bond Market is as bloated as tech stocks were back in the year 2000.

Last July, I put up a dire warning on the bond market.  How good was that advice?

How important are the BIG CYCLES amongst the asset classes?  Do you know where they are today?


Friday, Mar. 31st (Entire Show)

Customer service, a lost art?

Today marks the end of the first quarter of 2017.  What does the rest of 2017 look like?

Trump is still affecting the market.

Happy National Cesar Chavez Day!


Thursday, Mar. 30th (Entire Show)

What did 0% interest rates and another $12 trillion in debt get us?  2.1% GDP growth.

Would I still buy Facebook (FB) today?

These sectors in the market are really heating up right now.

What is a better buy; a $2 stock or a $2,000 stock?


Wednesday, Mar. 29th (Entire Show)

The 8 day losing streak is over and the 8 year BULL marches on.

I have a big biotech winner today in my Ultra Growth Portfolio.

I have a 5 year price target of $1,500 on AMZN.  Am I nuts?

My current asset allocation.


Tuesday, Mar. 28th (Entire Show)

When will this 8 day losing streak end?

My two cents on Tencent Holding (TCEHY)

In a rising interest rate environment, would you rather take the 2.3% yield on a ten year treasury, or the 2.3% yield on a quality dividend payer like this?

A hot little biotech stock.


Monday, Mar. 27th (Entire Show)

It is raining in the market today, but what about tomorrow?  Next Week?

Is Tax Reform and infrastructure spending now in jeopardy also?

The market is painting a new Trump Agenda scenario.  Is the market right?

The Bond Market topped in July of last year.  Has the Stock Market now topped?


Friday, Mar. 24th (Entire Show)

Does the healthcare vote affect the market?

Bill’s sourdough bread.

Winners of a signed book from Bill.

Winner of a free 3 month subscription on to the client only newsletter.


Thursday, Mar. 23rd (Entire Show)

Will a NO vote on the healthcare bill bring an end to the eight year old bull market?

The Best and Worst sectors in the market now.

The BOND MARKET is now in the early stages of a BEAR MARKET.

Ideas for income investing in a rising interest rate environment.


Wednesday, Mar, 22nd (Entire Show)

What caused the big market sell-off on Tuesday?

Is Sears Holdings (SHLD) headed for $0.00?

Is the 8 year BULL MARKET over?

Both the economy and the market need a good shot of fiscal stimulus.


Tuesday, Mar. 21st (Entire Show)

I would not have ANY EXPOSURE  to the Bond Market right now.

The asset allocation recipe has to be just right.  Here is my current mix.

Bill Gunderson’s Current technical Analysis of the major asset classes.

The Best Asset Classes Now.


Monday, Mar. 20th (Entire Show)

Oh Oh!  Greece heading for another crisis.  How is that socialism working out?

The allure of owning biotech stocks.

The huge gap between stock market returns and bond market returns continues to widen.

Do you have the best 25 in your portfolio roster?


Friday, Mar. 17th (Entire Show)


Thursday, Mar. 16th (Entire Show)


Wednesday, Mar. 15th (Entire Show)


Tuesday, Mar. 14th (Entire Show)

This will be the busiest quarter of corporate debt insurance since 1999.  Now why do you think that is?

Ackman should have used a sell-stop.

My current asset allocation.

The Best and Worst Indexes to be invested in now.


Monday, Mar. 13th (Entire Show)

Will my future autonomous car be powered by Intel?

Stocks continue to outpace bonds by a wide margin.

Bill Gunderson’s Current Technical Analysis of the U.S. Equities Markets.

Bill Gunderson’s Current Technical Analysis of the Bond Market and World Markets.


Friday, Mar. 10th (Entire Show)

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.

Amazon 3 to 5 year target price.

Amazon leading the pack?

Use Bill as your financial fisherman.


Thursday, Mar. 9th (Entire Show)

Dropping oil prices and rising rates greet the 8 year anniversary of the Bull Market.

Bill Gross does not like Stocks or Bonds.  Says 4% growth is a mirage.  I disagree.

The Healthcare Sector is really heating up.  Here is one of my favorite stocks.

My favorite biotech stock.


Wednesday, Mar. 8th (Entire Show)

Blowout Jobs Numbers Point to a March Rate Hike.

Oil prices to remain at these levels for a long time.

Bill Gunderson’s Current Technical Analysis of the Major Asset Classes.

The BEST sectors in the market now.


Tuesday, Mar. 7th (Entire Show)

Healthcare stocks; winners and losers.

Update on NVDA and SWKS.

Stocks continue to kick the tails of bonds.

Here is why I DO NOT like the bond market going forward.


Monday, Mar. 6th (Entire Show

Nobody rings a bell at the top, but did someone SNAP their fingers?

Loomis Sayles Vice Chairman has not been this cautious on bonds in years!

Why can’t the two sides agree on a 4% growth target goal for the U.S. Economy?   Is that too much to ask?

The Bull Market turns eight years old this week.  Can it continue?


Friday, Mar. 3rd (Entire Show)

Snapchat’s big day.

This video game company is ranked #2 in the Best Stocks Now app.

One of Rob’s favorite stores is featured.

We introduce you to Lisa.


Thursday, Mar. 2nd (Entire Show)

Market roars higher while GDP limps lower.

My favorite stock breaks out to new highs on very good EPS report.

This stock could benefit from repeal and replace.

Biotech like this are now joining in the rally.


Wednesday, Mar. 1st (Entire Show)

The market could care less about the FED right now.

Big plans for Google’s YouTube.

This is a very bad environment for bonds.

Is it too late to get in?


Tuesday, Feb. 28th (Entire Show)

This sector is beginning to heat up.

Workers being replaced by kiosks.  Why?

My current asset allocation.  What is yours?

The leading sectors in the market now.


Monday, Feb. 27th (Entire Show)

Goldman loves Nvidia and hates Tesla.

Is this market still inexpensive?

My current technical analysis of the market.

Are there still any bargains in this market?


Friday, Feb. 24th (Entire Show)

Market update and Bill’s most recent push notifications.

What did Bill purchase for his aggressive clients?

This car company is ranked number #15 and 5 in the Best Stocks Now App.

Get in touch with us and Bill.


Thursday, Feb. 23rd (Entire Show)

Does the red-hot Banking Sector still have upside?

Another Bricks and Mortar stock gets slammed. That is why I still like IBUY.

A new buy for me.

A preview of this week’s Best Stocks Now newsletter.


Wednesday Feb. 22nd (Entire Show)

Are oil prices headed for $30 per barrel?

Are we going to repeat the market valuation crash of the year 2000?

Has the market already priced in the expected 10% growth in earnings for 2017?

My current 6-12 month target price for the S&P 500.


Tuesday, Feb. 21st (Entire Show)

Home Depot vs. Wal-Mart.  No comparison!

The best way to play the coming SNAP IPO is…

Current Market Scorecard and Technical Analysis.

The Best Stocks Newsletter?


Friday, Feb. 17th (Entire Show)___(Video)


Thursday, Feb. 16th (Entire Show)

Is Cisco still a Growth Stock?

A few more stocks that could be on death watch.

Two tech stocks side by side.  One is accelerating, while the other is decelerating.

The Best Stocks Newsletter?


Wednesday, Feb. 15th (Entire Show)

Can the Ten Year U.S. Treasury remain below 2.5%, or is it headed towards 3.0%?

Here are a few emerging growth stocks to be aware of.

The BEST and WORST sectors in the market right now.

The stock of the decade?


Tuesday, Feb. 14th (Entire Show)

Inflation expectations are rising.  Is your portfolio ready?

What else is Amazon getting into now?

The BEST and WORST asset classes now.

A very good breakout with plenty of upside potential.


Monday, Feb. 13th (Entire Show)

Japan dumping U.S. Treasuries?  Should you be selling them too?

Big change coming at the FED.  What does this mean for your portfolio?

Emerging Markets are out of the gate very fast in 2017.  What is the risk?

There is a time to be in bonds and a time to be out of them.


Friday, Feb. 10th (Entire Show)

Markets dependent on tax cuts?

Sears is having a huuuge day.

This stock is up 360% in the last year.

Changes to the newsletter subscription service.


Thursday, Feb. 9th (Entire Show)

Why is Whole Foods struggling?

Twitter is a non-growth stock.

Why would anyone own Coca-Cola (KO)?

An update on one of the portfolios in my newsletter.  It is off to a very good start in 2017.


Wednesday, Feb. 8th (Entire Show)

Blowout earnings for two Best Stocks Now.

Why I sold ($BWLD) a long time ago.

Is Panera ($PNRA) a Best Stock Now?

My current asset allocation.


Tuesday, Feb. 7th (Entire Show)

Is GM a Best Stock Now?

Two very good healthcare stocks beat earnings today.

How are Tech-Sector Earnings so far?

My Rising Rate Income Portfolio.


Monday, Feb. 6th (Entire Show)

The Super Bowl taught us to never give up or lose our focus.

These are the two most important factors for the Stock and Bond markets.

Is the Bond Market in big league danger?

Investing for income in a rising interest rate environment.


Friday, Feb. 3rd (Entire Show)

Politics are having a major impact on your portfolio.

Trump’s Advisory Council members.

Use Bill as your money manager.

Amazon and GoPro both miss their earnings.


Thursday, Feb, 2nd (Entire Show)

Politics are having a major impact on your portfolio.

Investing for Income in a Rising Interest Rate Environment.

Here is my strong value case for Facebook.

One of my favorite stocks right now.


Wednesday, Feb. 1st (Entire Show)

Last year it was the energy sector that was in distress.  This year it is this sector.

Why are the drug and biotech stocks perking up all of a sudden?

Stocks and Sectors on the move right now.

My current EPS estimate and Target Price for the S&P 500.


Tuesday, Jan. 31st (Entire Show)

Is the market’s honeymoon with Trump over?

The market is crying out for a good jolt of FISCAL POLICY!

What is boosting Scotts Miracle Gro (SMG)?

What is wrong with a 75 year old having 75% of his assets in the bond market right now?


Monday, Jan. 30th (Entire Show)

1.9% GDP growth is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

The retail graveyard.

Bill Gunderson’s current technical analysis of the markets.

Four reasons to follow me on Stock Twits.


Friday, Jan. 27th (Entire Show)

This week in the market.

Everyone loves Disneyland.

Where does Disney rank in the Best Stocks Now app?

Follow Bill on Twitter @billgunderson and get in touch with us.


Thursday, Jan. 26th (Entire Show)

The old ceiling of 20,000 has now become the new floor.

The Transportation stocks are flying right now.  Here is a good way to play it.

One of my favorite Best Stocks Now.

How I use technical analysis to buy and sell stocks.


Wednesday, Jan. 25th (Entire Show)

Is Trump unleashing the U.S. economy?  How does that impact your portfolio?

Here are a few examples of Best Stocks Now.

One of my favorite Best Stocks Now.

Do you want a robot to automate your portfolio?


Tuesday, Jan. 24th (Entire Show)

Why have business and union leaders NOT been meeting with the president over the last 8 years?

How can you get capital appreciation from a company that is not growing anymore?

The Best and Worst Asset Classes Now.

The Best and the Worst Sectors Now.


Monday, Jan. 23rd (Entire Show)

Executive Orders impacting your portfolio?

It’s very hard to make a case for the bond market right now.

This January is off to a much better start than last January.

Bill Gunderson’s Current Technical Analysis of the Markets.


Friday, Jan. 20th (Entire Show)

Expect a Strong Dollar environment under Trump.

Is Jamie Diamon paid too much?

The new line of Big Macs.

Happy Inauguration Day.


Thursday, Jan. 19th (Entire Show)

My railroad stocks are doing well today.  Here is why I own them.

The world has changed dramatically since the election.  This has a major impact on your 401-k.

One of my favorite tech stocks right now.

Is your portfolio being tended to daily?


Wednesday, Jan. 18th (Entire Show)

Is the run in the Banking Sector over?

Is the run over in the Financial Sector?

The Leading Asset Classes Now.

The Leading Sectors Now.


Tuesday, Jan. 17th (Entire Show)

Is the Trump Rally Over?  Here is the best clue.

Here is my current S&P 500 target price for 2017.

We are now getting an early glimpse into 2018 S&P earnings.  Here is how they look.

The BEARS have been wrong since 2009.  Will they be right in 2017?


Friday, Jan. 13th (Entire Show)

What is the Market Worried About Now?  Trump’s Policies will be Pro-Growth.

What stocks will benefit from a repeal of Obamacare?

Today’s Market Analysis.

Mexico’s Oil Crisis.


Thursday, Jan. 12th (Entire Show)

Profit taking is not a bad thing.

Why the newsletter is a valuable resource.

Apple wants to take on Netflix?

How to get a free consultation with Bill.


Wednesday, Jan. 11th (Entire Show)

Tillerson would bring decades of private sector experience to the job.  How important is that?

Is it time to get back in to Facebook $FB and Amazon $AMZN?

Why are these the leading sectors in the market right now?

I would avoid these asset classes and sectors right now!


Tuesday, Jan. 10th (Entire Show)

Bill Gross says that if the 10 year goes above 2.6% a new secular bond market bear will begin.

Here is what the current technical pattern of the S&P 500 is telling me…

How do the Emerging Markets look right now?

My current asset allocation.


Monday, Jan. 9th (Entire Show)

More and more analysts calling for rising interest rates.

What woke up the “FANG” stocks all of a sudden?

I can still make a strong value case for Facebook (FB).

Why is Amazon waking up all of a sudden?


Friday, Jan. 6th (Entire Show)

Trump’s Twitter Wars.

New tech products at CES and how they affect the market.

Jack in the Box tacos.  Nasty and delicious.

Bill’s Transparency.


Thursday, Jan. 5th (Entire Show)

Retail stocks lagging again.

Record day for Apple’s App Store.

How the Best Stocks Now app came about.

Luxury Cadillac subscription service.


Wednesday, Jan. 4th (Entire Show)

Bill’s aggressive and conservative stock picks for 2017.

Bill’s growth and income stock pick for 2017.

Bill’s speculative and best fund pick for 2017.

Get in touch with us.


Tuesday, Jan. 3rd (Entire Show)

The Dollar and the Euro are almost at parity.  This has big ramifications for your portfolio.

The themes behind my 5 top picks for 2017.

My Top Conservative Growth Pick for 2017.

My Top Aggressive Growth Pick for 2017.







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