Our Background:

  • Bill Gunderson founded Gunderson Capital Management in 2006
  • He witnessed the collapse of momentum stocks in the late 1990s.
  • He also saw the meltdown of the most popular value stocks in 2008.
  • Pure momentum investing ignores value
    • On the other hand, pure value investment ignores momentum
  • Both are necessary, so Bill Gunderson created the Best Stocks Now! style of investing
    • This combines both momentum and value


What is market timing?

  • The economy and markets are cyclical
    • Successful investment requires both a good offense and a good defense
  • Here at GCM, we’ve been bullish since March 2009
    • We have turned cautious a few times along the way.
    • But with earnings growth and market expansion, it’s best to make hay while the sun shines.
  • S&P 500 earnings have been growing since 2009
    • This cycle will eventually end
    • Then comes time to protect your harvest
  • Active management in timing the market is central to our philosophy
    • Anyone can buy the index
    • Anyone can buy and hold
    • Anyone can allocate assets
    • Active management is a science, and it pays off


How does risk tolerance affect investing?

  • There is a direct correlation between risk, potential reward, and potential loss
    • Greater risks offer potential for a higher gain or loss
    • Lesser risks offer smaller gain potential with less potential for a loss
  • It is our job to figure out where you fit on the risk tolerance scale
    • We offer portfolios that fit your investing risk tolerance
    • This consists of:
      • Three different equity portfolios
      • One income & growth portfolio
      • One individual bond portfolio
  • During full investment, these portfolios have 25-40 positions
    • At times, they may have inverse funds as hedges or investments
    • The portfolios may have a high degree of cash


What is the objective of our portfolios?

  • Income & Growth- This portfolio seeks long-term capital gains treatment. This is a buy-and-hold portfolio.
  • Conservative Premier Growth- A portfolio made up of large-cap companies Bill deems suitable for investors who are low-risk.
  • Ultra Growth- A moderately-aggressive and volatile portfolio designed for investors with long-term time horizons, seeking maximum growth. 
  • Emerging Growth- This is our most aggressive and volatile portfolio. These are smaller-cap stocks compared to Premier Growth.  
  • Best Funds Now- A portfolio designed for investors with long-term time horizons who are seeking maximum growth.
  • Best Bonds Now- A portfolio of individual corporate bonds. It presents a lower risk than equity portfolios. 


What is our time horizon?

  • You should have a time horizon of at least a few years
    • 3-5 years is a good minimum for investing
    • 5-10 years is even better
  • Planning is crucial
    • If you do not have a plan we will work with you to create one
    • Having a plan takes the emotion out of the equation
  • It is important that your emotion, strategy, and expectations are realistic and consistent

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